AHA again urges HHS to protect 340B program from drug companies’ actions

The AHA again expressed concern to the Department of Health and Human Services about recent actions taken by several major drug manufacturers to limit the distribution of certain 340B drugs to hospitals. 

While the Health Resources and Services Administration, which oversees the 340B program, is investigating these activities, AHA urged HHS to take “swift and decisive action to halt these pernicious tactics” to prevent other manufacturers from following suit.

“The drug companies are attempting to exploit for their financial benefit the current COVID-19 health care crisis,” AHA said. “As you are aware, hospitals throughout the nation are under severe stress by the need to prepare for, and/or care for, COVID-19 patients, while coping with the financial damages inflicted by the virus. Therefore, we urge you to act immediately against any drug manufacturer employing these pernicious tactics to ensure that 340B drugs are available and accessible to vulnerable communities.” Read the full letter here.

The AHA has engaged in numerous efforts urging the drug companies to cease these activities and have HHS take action to protect 340B hospitals. See the previous letters the AHA has sent on the issue: