CISA: Cyber actors could use stolen FireEye security tools to target systems

A highly sophisticated threat actor has stolen tools used by cybersecurity company FireEye to evaluate the security posture of enterprise systems, which unauthorized third-party users could abuse to take control of targeted systems, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency announced yesterday.

CISA recommends cybersecurity practitioners review details on the theft of the FireEye Red Team tools and countermeasures available to minimize the threat. 

This is a really big deal — to say the least. It puts every organization in every sector at risk,” said John Riggi, AHA’s senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk. “It’s equivalent to sophisticated foreign criminals or spies breaking into a highly secure armory and stealing the ‘good guys’ most capable and effective weapons. I can’t emphasize enough to all organizations, especially those that possess sensitive data and research, to implement FireEye’s countermeasures as soon as possible.”  

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