Exploring Options to Deploy Capitated Payments to Enhance Primary Care in Rural Settings

On behalf of AHA’s Future of Rural Health Care Task Force, I am thrilled to share with you today a new case study that explores options to leverage capitation to enhance primary care in rural settings.

As our Task Force sunsets next month, I can’t help but reflect on the innovative solutions our members have brought forward to help advance health care in rural America. In the coming months, we will share our policy and advocacy recommendations, along with some business strategies identified by the Task Force. These ideas are creative in addressing the unique challenges facing rural communities and providers.

Creating new models of care to strengthen the financial stability of the health care system, particularly rural settings, has long been a priority. This case study is an important step forward in that direction, showcasing examples and laying out considerations to achieve this in order to ensure local access to high-quality, affordable health care

Joy Lewis is vice president, strategic policy and staffed the AHA’s Future of Rural Health Care Task Force.