From back-to-work to telehealth to retail rebranding: HLTH 2020 takeaways

In its third year, the HLTH conference transitioned online as the coronavirus pandemic surges once again in outbreaks across the country, sparking discussion about the future of digital health.

Amid other headlines, merging virtual care players Teladoc and Livongo made their first cross-sale; retail pharmacies announced plans to revamp pharmacist workflow; payer, hospital and telehealth execs ruminated over increasing digitalization of care delivery; and health systems launched a slew of efforts to better U.S. health equity.

On the federal side, Trump administration officials provided an update on value-based care models and teased details of the coronavirus vaccine’s approval, and hinted at a coming reimbursement plan.

Read Healthcare Dive’s biggest stories from HLTH 2020 below.