N.H. receives waiver to implement reinsurance program

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and Department of the Treasury today approved a Section 1332 waiver for New Hampshire to implement a five-year reinsurance program for its individual health insurance market beginning in 2021.

The Affordable Care Act’s transitional reinsurance program to protect health plans in the individual market from unexpectedly high-cost enrollees expired in 2016. Under Section 1332 of the Act, states can apply for a waiver of certain ACA requirements but must demonstrate that the proposed waiver would provide access to quality health care that is at least as comprehensive and affordable as without the waiver, and coverage to at least a comparable number of residents.

The agencies have approved Section 1332 waivers for reinsurance programs in 13 other states, which have resulted in average premium reductions ranging from 3% to 40%, CMS said.