NSA: Chinese cyber actors exploiting 25 computer network vulnerabilities

The National Security Agency yesterday released an advisory detailing 25 common vulnerabilities that Chinese state-sponsored cyber actors are actively exploiting to access computer networks for sensitive intellectual property and other information, and encouraged stakeholders to take appropriate action to protect their networks.

Many of the vulnerabilities exploit products directly accessible from the internet.

“Since these techniques include exploitation of publicly known vulnerabilities, it is critical that network defenders prioritize patching and other mitigation efforts,” the agency said.

John Riggi, AHA’s senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk, said, “The significance of this rare notice from the NSA cannot be understated. The vulnerabilities identified may be present in the field’s internal and external networks, which were greatly expanded to meet the demands for telework and telehealth during the pandemic. Ensuring the identified vulnerabilities are patched is essential to maintain the continuity of mission critical operations, patient services and for the protection of COVID-19 medical research.”

For more on these and other cybersecurity and risk issues, contact Riggi at jriggi@aha.org.

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