Partnership issues guidance for protecting health care innovation capital

The Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council, a public-private partnership developed to mitigate threats to the nation’s health care sector, yesterday released guidance and recommendations to help health care organizations protect trade secrets, medical research and other innovation capital from theft. 

“We at the AHA have been working closely with the field and the government to advise providers on the threat of foreign influence and theft of medical research and innovation for the last several years,” said John Riggi, AHA senior advisor for cybersecurity and risk. “Education and awareness of the threat is always the first step. This guide will be a great additional resource to assist providers understand the nature of the threat they are facing and implement specific controls to reduce that risk.”

Hospitals and health systems may direct questions on cybersecurity and risk to Riggi at To access additional cybersecurity resources, visit AHA’s cybersecurity website.