Perspective: Two Words Close Out an Unforgettable Year … Thank You!

For 50 weeks this year, this Friday column has tracked the ups and downs, the triumphs and the setbacks of the most heroic chapter in the history of America’s hospitals and health systems. The health care sector will rightly be viewed by future historians as the one that, more than any other, held our country together through the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in this final Perspective for 2020, there is no need to recap the past year. And the battle against the pandemic is far from over.

Instead, this is an occasion to reflect on all you have achieved, the lives you have saved, and the futures you have preserved by your incredible work and commitment.

Please take two minutes and watch this video from the members of the AHA Board of Trustees thanking you for all of your efforts.

Throughout the year, the AHA has been incredibly proud to stand alongside all of you. From advocating for financial resources to getting you the information and clarity you have needed to move forward, we have worked hard to support you in the areas of relief, recovery and rebuilding so you can attend to the number one priority – delivering great care to your patients and communities.

And we’re continuing to work around-the-clock to make sure Congress delivers you additional support and resources in the year-end legislative package that is close to being finalized. Watch for more details from us in the next few days.

Together, we have overcome a lot this year. With vaccines already in play, we hope to turn a corner in 2021 and eventually put COVID-19 behind us.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing to advance health in America. From all of us at AHA, best wishes for a safe and healthy holiday season … and a happier New Year.

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